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Academic & Scientific Reference

Quantitative Assessment of Heart Rate Dynamics during Meditation.

[Deepa Ghosh Research FoundationKolkata, India; C. V. Raman Centre for Physics and Music, Jadavpur UniversityKolkata, India]

From singing to speaking: facilitating recovery from nonfluent aphasia

[Schlaug G, Norton A, Marchina S, Zipse L, Wan CY]

Active music therapy in Parkinson's disease: an integrative method for motor and emotional rehabilitation.

[Pacchetti C1, Mancini F, Aglieri R, Fundarò C, Martignoni E, Nappi G]

Music Therapy in Palliative Care.

[Warth M1, Keßler J, Hillecke TK, Bardenheuer HJ]

Music therapy for depression.

[Maratos AS, Gold C, Wang X, Crawford MJ]

Music therapy for people with autism spectrum disorder.

[Geretsegger M1, Elefant C, Mössler KA, Gold C]

Differential Effects of Tango Versus Dance for PD in Parkinson Disease.

[Marie E. McNeely, Marina M. Mai, Ryan P. Duncan, and Gammon M. Earhart1]

Musically Cued Gait-Training Improves Both Perceptual and Motor Timing in Parkinson's Disease.

[Charles-Etienne Benoit, Simone Dalla Bella, Nicolas Farrugia, Hellmuth Obrig, Stefan Mainka, and Sonja A. Kotz]

Active music therapy and Parkinson's disease: methods.

[Pacchetti C , Aglieri R , Mancini F , Martignoni E , Nappi G]

Music as an aid for postoperative recovery in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

[Jenny Hole, MBBS, Martin Hirsch, MBBS, Elizabeth Ball, PhD, Catherine Meads, PhD]

Into the groove: can rhythm influence Parkinson's disease?

[Nombela C1, Hughes LE, Owen AM, Grahn JA]

Recognition of facial and musical emotions in Parkinson's disease.

[Saenz A1, Doé de Maindreville A, Henry A, de Labbey S, Bakchine S, Ehrlé N]

Effects of music and music therapy on mood in neurological patients.

[Raglio A, Attardo L, Gontero G, Rollino S, Groppo E, Granieri E]

Walking with Music Is a Safe and Viable Tool for Gait Training in Parkinson's Disease: The Effect of a 13-Week Feasibility Study on Single and Dual Task Walking.

[Natalie de Bruin, Jon B. Doan, George Turnbull, Oksana Suchowersky, Stephan Bonfield, Bin Hu, and Lesley A. Brown]

Effect of nature-based sounds’ intervention on agitation, anxiety, and stress in patients under mechanical ventilator support: A randomised controlled trial.

[Vahid Saadatmand, Nahid Rejeh, Majideh Heravi-Karimooi, Sayed Davood Tadrisi, Farid Zayeri, Mojtaba Vaismoradi, Melanie Jasper]

Emotional foundations of music as a non-pharmacological pain management tool in modern medicine.

[Guenther Bernatzkya, Michaela Prescha, Mary Andersonb, Jaak Pankseppb]

Does Schumann resonance affect our blood pressure?

[G. Mitsutake, K. Otsuka, M. Hayakawa, M. Sekiguchi, G. Cornélissen, F. Halbergc]

Non-pharmacological interventions to reduce ICU-related psychological distress: a systematic review.

[Wade DM1, Moon Z, Windgassen SS, Harrison AM, Morris L, Weinman JA.]

Is there a role for music in the ICU?

[Jeffrey D DellaVolpe and David T Huang]

Development and validation of the Healthy-Unhealthy Music Scale

[Suvi Saarikallio, Christian Gold, and Katrina McFerran]

Is there a role for music in the ICU?

[Jeffrey D DellaVolpe, David T Huang]

Auditory Beat Stimulation and its Effects on Cognition and Mood States.

[Leila Chaieb, Elke Caroline Wilpert, Thomas P. Reber, Juergen Fell]

Examining the Effectiveness of Psychological Strategies on Physiologic Markers: Evidence-Based Suggestions for Holistic Care of the Athlete.

[Michelle A. Dawson, MS, LAT, ATC, Jennifer Jordan Hamson-Utley, PhD, LAT, ATC, Rodney Hansen, PhD,* andMichael Olpin, PhD]

Cortical Evoked Potentials to an Auditory Illusion: Binaural Beats.

[Hillel Pratt, Arnold Starr, Henry J. Michalewski, Andrew Dimitrijevic, Naomi Bleich, and Nomi Mittelman]

Influence of paced maternal breathing on fetal–maternal heart rate coordination.

[P. Van Leeuwen, D. Geue, M. Thiel, D. Cysarz, S. Lange, M. C. Romano,cN. Wessel, J. Kurths, D. H. Grönemeyera]

How Live Performance Moves the Human Heart.

[Haruka Shoda, Mayumi Adachi, and Tomohiro Umeda]

Audience entrainment during live contemporary dance performance: physiological and cognitive measures.

[Asaf Bachrach, Yann Fontbonne, Coline Joufflineau, and José Luis Ulloa]

Spontaneous Entrainment of Running Cadence to Music Tempo.

[Edith Van Dyck, Bart Moens, Jeska Buhmann, Michiel Demey, Esther Coorevits, Simone Dalla Bella, and Marc Leman]

Neural entrainment to rhythmic speech in children with developmental dyslexia.

[Alan J. Power, Natasha Mead, Lisa Barnes, and Usha Goswami]

Auditory stimulation with music influences the geometric indices of heart rate variability in men.

[Sheila Ap F da Silva, Heraldo L Guida, Ana M dos SantosAntônio, Luiz Carlos M Vanderlei, Lucas L Ferreira, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Fernando H Sousa, and Vitor E Valenti]

Music Attenuated a Decrease in Parasympathetic Nervous System Activity after Exercise.

[Tiantian Jia, Yoshiko Ogawa, Misa Miura, Osamu Ito, and Masahiro Kohzuki]

Toward a Neural Chronometry for the Aesthetic Experience of Music.

[Elvira Brattico, Brigitte Bogert, and Thomas Jacobsen]

Rhythm perception and production predict reading abilities in developmental dyslexia.

[Elena Flaugnacco, Luisa Lopez, Chiara Terribili, Stefania Zoia, Sonia Buda, Sara Tilli, Lorenzo Monasta, Marcella Montico, Alessandra Sila, Luca Ronfani, Daniele Schön]

Music and Early Language Acquisition.

[Anthony Brandt, Molly Gebrian, L. Robert Slevc]

Impaired recognition of scary music following unilateral temporal lobe excision.

[Gosselin N, Peretz I, Noulhiane M, Hasboun D, Beckett C, Baulac M, Samson S]

Cholinergic Signaling Controls Conditioned Fear Behaviors and Enhances Plasticity of Cortical-Amygdala Circuits.

[Li Jiang, Srikanya Kundu, James D. Lederman, Gretchen Y. Lopez-Hernandez, Elizabeth C. Ballinger, Shaohua Wang, David A. Talmage, Loma W. Role]

Evidence-Based mHealth Chronic Disease Mobile App Intervention Design: Development of a Framework.

[Calvin C Wilhide III, PhD, Malinda M Peeples, RN, MS, CDE, Robin C Anthony Kouyate, PhD]

It's Sad but I Like It: The Neural Dissociation Between Musical Emotions and Liking in Experts and Laypersons.

[Brattico E, Bogert B, Alluri V, Tervaniemi M, Eerola T, Jacobsen T]

Sensory environment on health-related outcomes of hospital patients.

[Drahota A, Ward D, Mackenzie H, Stores R, Higgins B, Gal D, Dean TP]

Effect of Rotating Acoustic Stimulus on Heart Rate Variability in Healthy Adults.

[Bhaskar Roy, Raghabendra Choudhuri, Ambarish Pandey, Sajal Bandopadhyay, Sasmit Sarangi, Sobhendu Kumar Ghatak]

Alternative Methods to Treat Nausea and Vomiting from Cancer Chemotherapy.

[Mohammad Ali Sheikhi, 1 Ahmad Ebadi, 2 Abdolhassan Talaeizadeh, Hossein Rahmani]

An Exploratory Study on the Effects of an Expectancy Manipulation on Chemotherapy-Related Nausea

[Joseph A. Roscoe, Ph.D, Michael O’Neill, M.D, Pascal Jean-Pierre, Ph.D., M.P.H, Charles E. Heckler, Ph.D, Ted J. Kaptchuk, O.M.D, Peter Bushunow, M.D, Michelle Shayne, M.D, Alissa Huston, M.D, Raman Qazi, M.D, and Brian Smith, M.D]

The impact of binaural beats on creativity.

[Susan A. Reedijk, Anne Bolders, and Bernhard Hommel]

An Exploratory Study on the Effects of an Expectancy Manipulation on Chemotherapy-Related Nausea.

[Christos I. Ioannou, Ernesto Pereda, Job P. Lindsen, Joydeep Bhattacharya]

The Effects of Music Therapy on Vital Signs, Feeding, and Sleep in Premature Infants.

[Joanne Loewy, Kristen Stewart, Ann-Marie Dassler, Aimee Telsey, Peter Homel]

Do Hospitalized Premature Infants Benefit from Music Interventions? A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials.

[van der Heijden MJOliai Araghi S, Jeekel J, Reiss IK, Hunink MG, van Dijk M]

Managing your Tinnitus with Sound Therapies.

[American Tinnitus Association]

Mozart K.545 Mimics Mozart K.448 in Reducing Epileptiform Discharges in Epileptic Children

[Lung-Chang LinMei-Wen Lee, Ruey-Chang Wei, Hin-Kiu Mok, Hui-Chuan Wu, Chin-Lin Tsai, Rei-Cheng Yang]

Bach music in preterm infants: no 'Mozart effect' on resting energy expenditure.

[DaHans-Joachim Trappe, Prof. Dr. med.*,1 and Gabriele Voit, Dr. med.]

The impact of acute stress on hormones and cytokines, and how their recovery is affected by music-evoked positive mood.

[Stefan Koelsch, Albrecht Boehlig, Maximilian Hohenadel, Ines Nitsche, Katrin Bauer, Ulrich Sack]

Critical period for acoustic preference in mice.

[Eun-Jin Yang, Eric W. Lin,  Takao K. Hensch]

Music therapy in neurological rehabilitation settings.

[Elżbieta Galińska, Neurosis Clinic, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw]

Music Made for Peak Perception.

[Robert H. Woody, Ph.D]

"Il flauto magico" still woks: Mozart's sercret of ventilation.

[Klaus Laczika1, Oliver P Graber2, Gerhard Tucek, Alfred Lohninge4, Nikolaus Fliri, Gertraud Berka-Schmid2,
Eva K Masel1 and Christoph C Zielinski]

Tapping polyrhythms in music activates language areas.

[Peter Vuust, Mikkel Wallentina, Kim Mouridsena, Leif Østergaarda, Andreas Roepstorff]

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