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Human health has only ever improved because of advances in technology. From the development of modern sanitation to the advent of penicillin, anesthesia, vaccines, and magnetic resonance imaging, science, research, and technology have always been key drivers of better health. The MusicMedicine Consultancy GmbH (TMMC) is part of an EU medical research study -  CoSoPhy. Univ.-Prof Walter Werzowa, TMMC's lead creative, finished Ludwig van Beethoven's X Symphony in collaboration with Matthias Roeder, Ahmed Elgammal, and DTAG. LvB X charted at #2 in the Album Charts.  Walter owns the award-winning music production MusikVergnuegen, founded, and heads the Filmmusic department at the mdw, University of Performing Arts and Music Vienna.

HealthTunes Incis a sister company to TMMC.

The MusicMedicine Consultancy connects interdisciplinary findings about music and medicine to advance digital technologies in its field.

Harvesting the power of digital technologies is essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including universal health coverage, preventive medicine, and the other "triple billion" targets in WHO's  13th General Program of Work. Such technologies are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity. [World Health Organization guidelines]

The MusicMedicine Consultancy, GmbH offers academically and scientifically researched Health Music and evidence-based clinical reference.

MusicMedicine is safe for prolonged use. No negative side effects in listening to tones/music longer than suggested. Some tones may need higher quality speakers for optimal effect.

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